The Kerslake Six

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2 x 2018 The First Riesling

2 x 2015 Hill 5 Shiraz Cabernet

2 x 2016 The Aldo Grenache Shiraz



Back in November 2014 a good mate of ours, Ben Kerslake was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma at just 32 years of age. Doctors had discovered a golf ball sized tumour in his brain and several more throughout his body. The lives of both him and his family members were turned upside down in an instant. Despite the grim prognosis, Ben decided he would find a way to heal himself through a holistic approach. He combined medical treatments with diet, lifestyle and meditation with belief and commitment which is why he believes he is still here today.  A fit, healthy and cancer-free being. 

It has become his mission in life to educate others about this approach to healing and to increase melanoma awareness which is how the KERSLAKE FOUNDATION was born. Ben is not only raising awareness but also much needed funds towards research in this field. 

Let's get busy folks and help support Ben and those in need....